New Zealand

Manaaki Crisis Management System

At Manaaki CMS - our primary objective is to develop software for incident, crisis, and emergency management. Our goal is to support Manaaki CMS clients to safeguard people, property, and communities.

Our Manaaki CMS Team

Chris Kumeroa
Managing Director (MD)

(+64) 021 780 676

Jared Stanger
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

(+64) 020 4165 4856

The Meaning Behind "Manaaki"

Manaaki is the concept of hospitality, care, support, and kindness towards others. It embodies the idea of providing assistance, protection, and respect to individuals and communities, fostering a sense of belonging and well-being.

Manaaki is a very important aspect of Māori custom and identity, it is about how we make people feel welcome when they are in our company, and how we give regard to and care for others when hosting visitors and guests. It can also mean showing kindness, caring for others, treating people with respect and nurturing existing and new relationships.

Manaaki (or Manaakitanga):  means the process of showing respect, generosity and care for the people who use services, their whanau and communities. It also means to show respect and care for their information and stories.

Manaakitanga is a powerful way of expressing how Māori communities care about each other's wellbeing, nurture relationships, and engage with one another. Manaakitanga also extends to the whenua that needs care in order to ensure sustainability for future generations.

The value of Manaakitanga is often expressed through the responsibility to provide hospitality and protection. Manaakitanga derives from two words - ‘mana’ and ‘aki’. Mana is a condition that holds everything in the highest regard. Aki means to uphold or support. Extending Manaakitanga requires respect, humility, kindness and honesty.